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Present Industry scenario:

  • Pilot Shortage Projection- 2022-2029
    1. The estimates for passenger recovery range from early 2022 to 2024 and beyond. For pilots, however, demand is driven by aircraft departures and utilization rather than passengers. 
    2. The global in-service fleet has already recovered in size to 76 percent of pre-COVID levels. Regarding magnitude, in most likely scenarios, there will be a global gap of 35,000 pilots by 2025. This could be as high as 60,000 in the most extreme scenarios. 
    3. Eventually, the impact of furloughs, retirements, and defections will create very real challenges for even some of the biggest carriers.
    4. North America, Asia Pacific, and the Middle East are likely to see the largest shortages while Europe, Africa, and Latin America remain closer to equilibrium. In North America, with an aging pilot population and heavy use of early retirements, the shortage re-emerges quickly and is projected to reach over 14,000 pilots by 2023, 15 percent of the total demand.
    5. The Asia Pacific, with a faster growth trajectory, will surpass this by the end of the decade with a projected shortage of 25,000 pilots by 2029. This can have real implications on the timing and depth of regional shortages as pilots migrate to areas of opportunity, potentially accelerating or deepening shortages in other regions.
    6. Globally airlines will be expanding networks to increase market share
    7. Airlines will be adding cargo aircraft to their fleet due to an increase in e-commerce activity
    • What will the airlines be looking for in 2022 and onwards?
    • Recruit pilots who are properly trained, qualified and experienced enough to fly as captain or who can fly as captain in a short span of time at minimum training cost ,with ICAO ATPL and PIC Type Rating, The fact remains that when required Captains can fly as Co-Pilots but Co-pilots can’t fly as Captains. Pilots who have the highest chances of getting their dream jobs with any airline of the world are those who stand out among other candidates with qualifications like ATPL, Airline flying experience, knowledge and skill. Be different. Be special.
  • Problems being faced by CPL holders and Aspiring pilots across the world.

               Financial Pressure and Uncertainty of Employment

  1. More than 32,000 CPL holders have spent considerable amount in getting CPL and are required to make further investment in type rating on large aircrafts as airlines prefer to recruit type rated co-pilots. Thereafter, they will be in queue for Co-Pilot Job with uncertainty, due to competition from similar applicants
  2. More than 100,000 students across the world, want to join CPL Course in different flight schools, knowing fully well  that even after spending considerable amount and time, they will also join the queue for Co-Pilot job with uncertainties.

Spirit Air proposition

  • Our unique offer , the Airline Captain Course  equips CPL holders and Zero Hour aspirant pilots with necessary certifications, training, skill and experience to get out from the queue for F/O-Co-Pilot Job and to get positioned as an attractive recruit for any airline in the world, as a Trainee Captain / Transition Captain, highest possible position and salary for entering any airline.

 Want to know HOW?

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Airline Captain Course has been designed for both CPL holders and aspirant  pilots with Zero hour by a team of Ex Air India Pilots having more than 3 decades of experience in training airline pilots keeping in view the regulatory requirements and standard of  ICAO/FAA/EASA/Indian DGCA

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