Spirit Air India

Training Curriculum

PHASE I 1-5 weeks
Airline Orientation by Spirit Air Instructors

  • Airline Operations Orientation
  • Indian Aircraft Rules, Civil Aviation Requirements (CAR), Aeronautical Information Circular (AIC)
  • Civil Aviation Security ,ICAO /Indian Rules Awareness, Training, Exam as per Bureau of Civil Aviation Security (BCAS).
  • Crew Resource Management-CRM- Awareness, importance for multi crew operation, training, exam as per DGCA.
PHASE II 6-12 weeks
Aircraft and Simulator Orientation by Spirit Air Instructors

  • Aircraft Orientation
  • POH Review & Revision
  • Simulator training for 60-80 hours depending on the member pilot’s performance to prepare for Flying SOLO / as Captain on hired/leased aircraft. Learn to fly as a member of a professional airline cockpit crew , Multi-Crew Cooperation (MCC), Normal, Abnormal & Emergency Procedure; Day /Night Operation, VFR/IFR; Airline route flying; IFR Approaches-[ILS/VOR/RNP]; Flying in Hilly Terrain; Flying in Adverse Weather.
PHASE III 13-37 weeks
Single & Multi Engine Flight Training at Spirit Air’s partner FTO

  • Member pilot will be sent to Spirit Air’s partner FTO in India, duly approved by DGCA for training and test on Spirit Air’s dedicated aircraft and by dedicated instructor for issue of FRTO, PPL and CPL.
  • On completion of 40-50 hours, papers will be submitted to DGCA for issue of PPL
  • Post issue of PPL, member pilot will resume flying and will be allowed to carry out joy ride flights on local and cross-country flights with passengers for the purpose of gaining confidence and experience to fly solo with passengers on board till 180 hours with reference to- Indian Aircraft Rules-1937-Schedule-II-Section E- 6. Privileges.
  • On completion of 180 hours, member pilot will be trained on dedicated Multi Engine aircraft.
  • On completion of required training and flying experience of 200 hrs , skill Test at FTO for issue of CPL+IR+ME.
  •  Submission of papers for issue of CPL
  • Issue of CPL
PHASE IV 38-44 weeks
Additional Endorsement of Aircraft

  • Member pilot will be sent to Spirit Air partner TRTO- Flight Safety in USA for Training on D level simulator followed by Submission of papers to DGCA for PIC Endorsement on CPL. 
  • Post endorsement, member Pilot will be sent on deputation to Spirit Air’s partner non-schedule airline for flying experience on hired / leased aircraft.
PHASE V 45-118-weeks
Airline Flying Experience in a Non-Scheduled Airline on Dedicated Aircraft

    • 10-20 sectors of en-route flying training/ Line Oriented Flying Training (LOFT) 
    • Released to fly with Passengers / Cargo - as Captain / FO on dedicated aircraft.
    • Airline-Oriented Procedures and Experience using airline-based operating procedures and callouts. Flight using industry-standard Jeppesen charts in an airline-style environment supported by  specialized Flight Operations team.
    • Operations of Flights will be as planned by SpiritShare Team and in accordance with DGCA Flight Duty Time Limitation and other applicable rules and SOP of partner non-scheduled airline.
    • Member pilot will undergo route check/surveillance/monitoring and mentoring on quarterly basis to ensure airline standard of operation and flight safety.
    • Based on the feedback received from passengers, if required, member pilot will undergo corrective training/mentoring.
    • Based on educational background, aptitude and interest, member pilot will be given opportunity to manage various management units like Flight Operations, Flight Safety, Training, Air Traffic Services, Avionics. This will help member pilot to become a part of the management and faster growth in airline.
Phase VI
Issue of Airline Transport Pilot Licence (ATPL)

  • Assuming that, on completion of 1500 hours of flying, Trainee would have passed all written examinations required for issue of ATPL by DGCA.
  • On completion of 1500 hours of flying, submission of papers with DGCA for Issue of ATPL 
  • Issue of ATPL
Type rating

  • Post issue of ATPL, member pilot will be sent to Spirit Air’s Partner TRTO, based overseas and duly approved by DGCA/FAA/EASA for PIC Type rating on D Level Simulator for A320/B737/ EMB 170-190/ATR72/ Cessna Citation as per their choice.
  • Submission of ATPL to DGCA for endorsement. 
  •  Release from Spirit Air to join any airline of choice as Transition or Trainee Captain.

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