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Earn while you learn

Earn While You Learn

The choice of career as an Airline Captain becomes a major decision for the family and you, given the substantial financial investment it requires. To reduce this burden, an easy, friendly self-financing arrangement is available in the SpiritShare Programme, developed with a unique feature – Earn While You Learn as a CAPTAIN during logging flying hours with Spirit Air- upcoming Scheduled Commuter airline 

Under SpiritShare Programme, member pilot receives Professional Reward for flying/ and logging flying hours in professional manner with Spirit Air, 

In the current scenario, potential earnings as Professional Reward/ Flying Allowance for its pilot members with CPL

ACC Upgrade & AB Initio Phase III

Flying Allowance /Professional Reward for 1300 hrs.Rs.5770/hour
Performance Linked BonusRs. 75,000/month
Housing AllowanceRs.20,000/month

ACC AB Initio Phase V

ACC Ab InitioPotential earning in Lakhs for 1300 hrs
DA40+DA 42+Avanti P18078
DA40+DA 42+King Air 25078
DA40+DA 42+Pilatus PC-1280
DA40+DA 42+Cessna Caravan Ex82

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