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Earn while you learn

The choice of career as an Airline Captain becomes a major decision for the family and you, given the substantial financial investment it requires. To reduce this burden, an easy, friendly financing arrangement is available in the SpiritShare Programme, developed with a unique feature – Earn While You Learn in association with its partner non-scheduled airline.

Under SpiritShare Programme, member pilot receives Professional Reward (Flying Allowance) for flying/ and logging flying hours in professional manner with Spirit Air , on a quarterly basis, subject to fulfilling following conditions in preceding 3 months –

  1. Fly aircraft as per schedule decided by Spirit Share Team.
  2. Fly without any violation of company and DGCA rules.
  3. Fly without any incident or accident.

Professional reward keeps on varying from time to time, being based on variable operational factors.

In the current scenario, potential earnings as Professional Reward/ Flying Allowance for its pilot members-

ACC Upgrade Phase III

ACC UpgradePotential earning in Lakhs for 1300 hrs
Avanti P18099
King Air 25075#
Pilatus PC-12102
Cessna Caravan Ex75#

ACC AB Initio Phase V

ACC Ab InitioPotential earning in Lakhs for 1300 hrs
DA40+DA 42+Avanti P18078
DA40+DA 42+King Air 25078
DA40+DA 42+Pilatus PC-1280
DA40+DA 42+Cessna Caravan Ex82

#For the first 10 enrolled members

TDS, as per Govt. Law will be applicable on payment of Professional rewards.

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